DIY CBD Infused Energy and Relax Snack Bites

What You Will Need

  • Food Processor
  • Wax or Parchment Paper
  • Ingredients Below Depending On Flavor/Effect Preference

Ginger Focus Bites (Ingredients):


Grapefruit Relax Bites (Ingredients):

The recipe for these incredibly tasty snack bites are simple and their ingredients can easily be substituted to accommodate your diet and what you have in your pantry. The main premise is to have sticky dried fruit, nuts, and nutrient rich seeds. These recipes are the flavor combinations I personally found to be tasty with Our Remedies’ terpene enhanced CBD oils but you can feel free to play around and find what makes your taste buds smile.

I did a little research to find foods that correlate to the effects I am going for with focus vs. relax. For instance, melatonin can be found naturally in bananas, tart cherries, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and walnuts! Studies show that melatonin may help to maintain the body’s circadian rhythm and trigger restfulness. That is why these foods all made the list for my Grapefruit Relax Bites. 

The Ginger Focus bites combine foods that contain natural sugars that are good for converting to energy and brain boosting vitamins & antioxidants. The spicy flavor of the ginger gives the ultimate sensory satisfaction, even after eating just one bite!

Like many people this time of year, I have kicked up my workout routine. It’s helped me shake winter blues and socialize with great goal-oriented people from my community. It has also left my appetite roaring! Keeping a few of these nutritious bites in my gym bag helps me from eating my refrigerator when I get home.

Cooking Instructions

Here is the How To:

Combine equal amounts of each dry ingredient in a food processor (think a palm size serving of each), as well as one full dropper-full (33mg) of Our Remedies Isolated CBD Oil. Puree until everything is mixed evenly and smooth. Spread evenly across a piece of parchment, keeping it about an inch thick. Then slice into neat one inch squares. That’s it, you did it! You’ve now got a great snack for day and night, you DIY wizard!

Try the recipe for yourself and share your favorite flavor combinations!


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