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Our Remedies Announces Free Home Delivery and Free Shipping On All Orders

Hello Everyone!

This announcement is to let you all know that we are working extra hard to ensure that all of our online orders are delivered as quickly as possible with no financial burden placed on our customers.

We have been shipping all online orders within 1 business day and often the same day if the order is placed before 1:00pm EST; however, even with our efforts to ship packages same day, there have been severe delays in USPS and UPS delivery times that is directly impacting our local customers.

In order to better serve our local customers, we are currently offering local delivery to customers in the following Upstate NY area – Syracuse, Liverpool, Oswego, Fulton, Granby, and Hannibal.

This delivery area is current as of the date of this post but is subject to change at anytime as we adapt our operations in response to COVID-19.


To help our customers save money online, we are currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all online orders – no minimums, no codes needed. Please click here to view our Temporary Free Shipping Policy in its entirety.

Why Are There Delays In Shipping If You’re Sending Packages Out Immediately?

For a better understanding as to why local orders are taking longer than usual to arrive through the post, please see the following announcements from USPS and UPS, respectively.

How Can I Choose FREE Home Delivery?

Once you get to the checkout page simply put the address you want your home delivery brought to as your shipping address.

If the shipping address entered is within our home delivery map then our system will automatically detect this and an option for home delivery will be available.

We are waiving all home delivery fees until further notice!

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Thank you to everyone who has and is continuing to support our small business throughout these times. We are forever grateful to be able to serve you.

To Your Continued Health & Wellness,

Christopher J. McIntyre

2 thoughts on “Our Remedies Announces Free Home Delivery and Free Shipping On All Orders

  1. Gregory Bartlett says:

    Are you still doing home deliveries? If so, why wasn’t I given that option considering I live in Syracuse not even two miles away from your Destiny USA location?

    • Our Remedies says:

      Hello Gregory and thank you for the comment.

      We are in fact still doing home deliveries and we are delivering to your zip code.

      Unfortunately, our system only screens for 5 digit zip codes and because you have your full zip code on file the system didn’t offer you local delivery. We have added your full 9 digit zip code to the system and you should see ‘Local Delivery’ as an option in the future.

      We have also added a new search function on the homepage where you can type in your zip code to see if we deliver to your address.

      Please let us know if you have any more questions or concerns. Thanks again!

      To Your Continued Health & Wellness,
      The Our Remedies Team

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