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Our Remedies Raw Hemp Flower Now Available In Bulk For Retail Customers

Due to popular demand, we are now offering our already loved Raw Hemp Flower in bulk amounts for retail customers – with no purchase limits.

This means that you can now purchase quarter pounds (112g) of our hand trimmed raw hemp flower or raw hemp popcorn buds for an excellent price without quantity limits.

We also carry Boveda 2-Way Humidity Packs, making it easy to bulk up on our quarter pounds of raw hemp flower for long-term storage while retaining the proper moisture, terpene and cannabinoid content found in our properly cured flowers for a long time. These humidity packs also work amazingly for long-term storage of other food items, herbs/plants, and more.

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With so many ways to use our raw hemp flower, now is the perfect time to stock up for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy.

Reach out to our CBD experts via our live website chat feature to find out what strain is best for your needs.

To Your Continued Health & Wellness,

The Our Remedies Team

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