CBD & Seniors

Seniors… what a boring word, huh? Nobody likes to be called a senior, but why don’t cool names exist for them? Like wise-ers.  55+-ers. What about Generation Bees Knees? The name “Boomer” is actually neat, but the internet has been dragging it through the mud lately so that’s out. Even elders, which is meant to be respectful, can make someone feel ancient. So forgive me for the random terms, my wise-ers, but this post is for you.

This week we’re tackling CBD versus older generations – assessing the stigma that surrounds old age as well as CBD. Let’s dig in!

We are living in times when CBD and old age have something in common: a (sometimes) negative thought when thinking of either. Much of the 55+ group is battling with the frustrations of getting old, fragile bones, inconsistent sleep, requiring more and more medications, etc… Nobody really looks forward to this, I mean, that’s very understandably so. But alas, it is a stage in this very strange life that we must endure despite our mental age not quite matching up with our aching bodies.

In regards to CBD, it has quite a tarnished and false reputation of being related to getting stoned. When we think of cannabis, we think of marijuana – which isn’t inherently a bad thing yet, marijuana is a tricky trigger word in the minds of different generations. While marijuana does have many benefits of its own to offer, it contains THC which creates the psychoactive effect that comes from using marijuana. CBD does not contain THC and does not get you high (as explained in a previous blog post). While THC and CBD come from the same cannabis plant, they are very different in terms of effects.

CBD and aging can go hand in hand and compliment each other brilliantly, but only if we allow our minds to open up to the concept.

I’m sure much of our wiser generation does realize this, but in previous years (1960’s, 1970’s, and so on…) marijuana use was associated with being a ‘druggie’ and nothing back then was worse than being on drugs and not a responsible adult with a stable job and family to care for. Of course, our ways of life have drastically changed since then and the cannabis plant, although already used for hundreds of years to treat medical issues, has undergone rigorous research to reveal its true capabilities and benefits.

Ultimately, no one wants to get old. And a lot of those getting older have misconstrued ideas about what CBD is. So with this stigma that surrounds marijuana and its relation to CBD, CBD’s natural qualities are overlooked and falsely deemed as drug use in the minds of our elders. What isn’t realized is the multiple benefits that CBD can consist of, particularly pertaining to old age. I know, I know, there are already MANY medications that already exist specifically for old age issues! 

However, unlike these medications, CBD is not addictive and has very few if any known side effects. It is a completely natural supplement that can be used as an alternative in order to combat addiction to these medications, as well as promote an onslaught of health benefits. This includes promoting proper bone health and the healing process of fractured bones, as the aging process naturally weakens our bones and they’re more susceptible to breaks. CBD also supports a healthy sleep schedule since as we get older our sleeping pattern shifts due to chemical imbalances caused by medications and medical conditions. And many CBD products exist for these purposes, ranging from salve to tinctures.

This generation has some hesitance about stepping their toes into the lake that is CBD, but it should be known that there is nothing to fear! This is a natural option to ease your way into aging when your body doesn’t work how it used to. There is no cure to aging, as much as we may wish, but there are options out there to make it a less abrasive transition. Embrace your age and make the most of life! CBD and aging can go hand in hand and compliment each other brilliantly, but only if we allow our minds to open up to the concept.  

As always: stay informed, do your research, and don’t take candy (or CBD) from strangers! See you next week, my lil CBD enthusiasts.

Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals and do not pretend to be so. We are dedicated educators, looking to inform and provide the tools that lead to a natural, holistic, and beneficial way of life. That being said, first seek guidance from your health care professional before taking any supplement(s) containing CBD or Hemp – including products from Our Remedies. These and any statements made on Our-Remedies.com have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. None of our products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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