The Hidden Wonders and Dangers of Grapefruit & CBD

Welcome back, my lil CBD enthusiasts! We’re going to be driving a little bit off the beaten path this week with our post, but bear with me, it’ll be full of interesting info, I promise. If you don’t think so then I’ll allow you to heckle me. Can you guess what the topic is?

We’re Diving into the Wonderful and Magical World of GRAPEFRUIT!

I know, I know, it seems completely random and how the heck does it even relate to CBD or Our Remedies? Well, relax, and let me tell you:

Everyone knows what grapefruit is. It’s pretty tart and not the most popular fruit. Probably not in the top 20 fruits. In the world of fruit cliques, it’s kind of the wallflower loner type. Keeps to itself and only speaks when spoken to. But once you start talking to it, you can’t get it to shut up about how great it is. It’s just waiting for its chance to shine. Nobody picks it to be on their team in gym class because if it tastes weird then it’s definitely not going to be good at dodgeball.

Anyway, despite not being the favorite fruit of anybody (unless you happen to be the one random person who actually LOVES grapefruit? You’re weird but do your thing!), people still enjoy it because there are maaaaaany amazing benefits of eating it! The most well known benefit is perhaps its aid in weight loss. It is low in calories, yet high in nutrients, which helps control appetites.

Remember watching a movie and the person trying to lose weight or stay thin would eat an unenjoyable grapefruit for breakfast instead of pancakes and eggs? Yes, that’s a real thing!

Other than promoting weight loss, it’s high in vitamins and antioxidants, can help improve heart health, and may prevent insulin resistance! Because of all of this, grapefruit is integrated into many different diets meant to enhance a healthier lifestyle.

The Dark Side of Grapefruit

While this all sounds super and harmless, grapefruit does have an unintentional dark side. Dun dun duuuuun. This is where science comes in and warns us: grapefruit can interact with certain medications which can lead to a fatal result. When drugs/toxins are metabolized, our body has a certain enzyme used to allow that to happen (called CYP3A4). Grapefruit contains compounds that block this enzyme from breaking down the drugs and toxins. With this counteracted and the drug having no way to be broken down or get out of the system, blood levels of the drug can increase and result in extreme side effects.

Now, I’m definitely not saying that you should be scared of grapefruit. It doesn’t mean to hurt you! But it has been shown that grapefruit can beat up these enzymes and win the fight, accidentally betraying you while trying to do you good. If you are taking medications, you can and should double check with your pharmacist or physician to ensure that grapefruit juice won’t alter your use.

And just to slide this in there, CBD can be used as a natural alternative to these medications, which oftentimes have harmful side effects and can create addictions. This also means that we can instill grapefruit into our products and not worry about a harmful collision between our product and grapefruit. Our Relax Blend of isolated CBD oil actually contains natural grapefruit essential oil. The terpenes and essential oil from the grapefruit naturally work together to promote an overall sense of mental and physical relaxation without lethargy. With CBD coming directly from nature, we don’t have to worry about the nasty effects that could occur, especially with something as -dangerous- as grapefruit, the wallflower fruit who probably sucks at dodgeball.

As always, friends, do your research! I know I told you that if you didn’t think this random fact about innocent-seeming grapefruit was interesting, then you could heckle me, and I lied because this is titillating and I refuse to hear anything otherwise.

 …just kidding! If you have questions or anything to add, we are always available and love to hear from you.

 Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals and do not pretend to be so. We are dedicated educators, looking to inform and provide the tools that lead to a natural, holistic, and beneficial way of life. That being said, first seek guidance from your health care professional before taking any supplement(s) containing CBD or Hemp – including products from Our Remedies. These and any statements made on have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. None of our products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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