Cannabinoid Receptors in Skin

Do you know what the biggest organ of your body is?


…no gross answers allowed.


It’s your skin! There’s a reason why pretty much everyone has a skin care routine nowadays, and it’s because we’ve come to realize that we need to take care of the most shown off part of our bodies. While we come up with rigorous routines to make sure that our skin is shiny and sparkling, we also need to ensure that our skin remains healthy overall.


Andddd this is where CBD comes in!


CBD has been blowing up; you already know that because you’re a smart cookie and aware of what’s going on in the world, which is why you’re reading this blog post! And while CBD is mostly known for being ingested, it’s creating a large presence in the beauty world because of the many topical benefits it posesses.


But, how does it work?

Can CBD be absorbed into your skin and get into your bloodstream?


It absolutely can be absorbed into your skin! That’s how lotions and creams typically work, silly goose. As for sneaking its way into your bloodstream, no, it’s not quite that magical. 


Now, here’s the interesting part on how it works: 

Everyone has an Endocannibinoid System (also known as ECS), along with receptors that are part of the ECS. ECS has a big, big role in keeping our internal functions and processes stable, which includes memory, appetite, sleep, and mood. The two main receptors are CB 1, which are found in the central nervous system, and CB 2, which are found in the peripheral nervous system. We also have endocannabinoids which are molecules made by our bodies to help keep our internal functions running smoothly. Endocannibinoids bind to our receptors to alert that something off inside needs to be taken care of.


Alright, let’s take a little break. Learning about something you don’t really know can be a lot to take in, even in small amounts. I’m winded just from writing that little paragraph. And even still, there’s been a whole lot of research about this but there’s a whole lot more left to be done!


At this point, you’re probably like, “Blah, blah, blah, but what about CBD products and my skin?”


To which I reply, “Slow your roll before your ECS becomes agitated!”


So, this entire system is what CBD interacts with and helps to support it’s balance. When a CBD topical is applied, it is absorbed through our pores and reaches and interacts with the receptors near where the topical was applied. NOTE: Our skin tries to protect us, as it acts as our barrier, so it doesn’t always easily allow things to penetrate it. A topical typically needs to be applied consistently to allow the skin to absorb it and receive the full benefits of CBD.


There’s a broad range of CBD products in the beauty world focused specifically on skincare, and that’s because CBD is specifically known for its healing properties particularly in treating issues like inflammation and dryness. Others with skin conditions have also found that CBD products helped to promote healthier skin.


I hope this post answers any questions – even if I just tipped my toe into the waters of the actual science behind this. As always, my lil CBD enthusiasts, do your research on the products that you purchase! Make sure you spend your money wisely on something that will actually benefit you.


Stay well!


Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals and do not pretend to be so. We are dedicated educators, looking to inform and provide the tools that lead to a natural, holistic, and beneficial way of life. That being said, seek first guidance from your health care professional before taking any supplement(s) containing CBD or Hemp – including products from Our Remedies. These and any statements made on have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. None of our products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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