What is Regenerative Farming?

Regenerative farming is the new innovative solution when it comes to helping save Mother Nature. Not many people are aware of this but our standard farming practices, particularly farming that involves utilizing a till, is slowly and utterly ruining our soil and our environment as it naturally is. Obviously soil is an extremely important factor when it comes to farming, which is why we need to actively learn how to save it. Modern farming practices have also normalized using toxic pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, which affect our natural wild life and also can get into our water system. These chemicals disturb the natural balance in our soil.


So why are we using tills and digging up the soil if it ruins the soil and is ultimately bad for the environment?

Tilling is the easy solution when it comes to getting quick results. For years farmers have tilled their land to prepare for next years crops. Tilling loosens the dirt which makes it easier to plant seeds, and it also breaks apart the weeds which makes it easier to control them. It also temporarily makes the ground more fertile. But the harmful effects of tilling far more outweigh the benefits. Loosening the soil makes it more susceptible to erosion. Lifting our good soil to the surface makes it more likely to be washed away by the rain or blown by the winds. Tilling  disrupts the natural web of soil life by killing insects, worms, and other microorganisms needed to provide natural fertility. Tilling also releases large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, which is obviously something that we don’t want.. 


What is regenerative farming?

It’s a solution to help us sustain a healthy environment while farming by regenerating instead of extracting. In order to do this, we need to get rid of all chemical “icides” that contaminates our water cycle. Rather than tilling the soil, Regenerative Farming would use natural means such as cattle and sheep to turn the soil with their hooves and fertilize the soil with their manure.  Carbon Capture Shield, a team of experienced environmental saviors, have made a plan to help achieve this by introducing a line of non-toxic garden and lawn products that help to nurture the natural state of the soil. More and more farmers are turning to this method once they see the bigger picture of how much better this is not only for their crops and their farms in the long run, but also for Mother Nature.


Our Remedies is proud to partner with Swerve Ranch, a local upstate NY farm who supports regenerative farming. 

“Biological diversity is the key to agricultural success.” – Eric Oconner, Head of Swerve Ranch

To see all of what Swerve Ranch has been up to, and if you also want to support a local farm, give them a follow on their Insta!


We need to foster and feed the soil, and work with it, rather than ripping it up and treating it with chemicals. We can do better for our planet. If you’re interested in how you can make a difference or want more information, feel free to check out Carbon Capture Shield! There’s no harm in learning how to do less harm to the environment. 

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