Our Remedies was created with one vision in mind: to empower the people of this great country through education and provide access to the purest holistic remedies available today. 

Founder and CEO, Sam Viscome, has always had a passion for medicinal herbs and mushrooms. Sam first started harvesting Chaga mushrooms about 8 years ago. The enthusiasm for the amazing benefits of Chaga led him to share the information with almost anyone that would listen long enough. Green Planet Grocery in Oswego, NY was the first store to purchase Chaga, which led him to see the opportunity to create other products that have a broad range of health benefits.

We want everyone to discover the gold that Mother Nature has to offer in her own products. We want everyone to recognize that plants and fungi can hold the magic key to healing properties. Our Remedies has been officially a business for 3 years and has continued to grow and expand thanks to the people who believe in us and what we stand for. Even with the challenges that come with selling holistic supplements, our vision will always remain the same: to empower our country through education and provide access to the purest natural remedies available so that everyone can understand the true meaning of Mother Nature Knows Best™.