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CBD and the Pechoti Method

CBD and the Pechoti Method It’s pretty common knowledge that CBD is exploding all across the world right now, which as a CBD and superfood company, we are STOKED about! But while the popularity of CBD roars, so does misinformation about the effects of CBD and different ways to take it. It seems to be […]

Cannabinoid Receptors in Skin

Do you know what the biggest organ of your body is?   …no gross answers allowed.   It’s your skin! There’s a reason why pretty much everyone has a skin care routine nowadays, and it’s because we’ve come to realize that we need to take care of the most shown off part of our bodies. […]

The Hidden Wonders and Dangers of Grapefruit & CBD

Welcome back, my lil CBD enthusiasts! We’re going to be driving a little bit off the beaten path this week with our post, but bear with me, it’ll be full of interesting info, I promise. If you don’t think so then I’ll allow you to heckle me. Can you guess what the topic is? We’re […]

CBD & Seniors

Seniors… what a boring word, huh? Nobody likes to be called a senior, but why don’t cool names exist for them? Like wise-ers.  55+-ers. What about Generation Bees Knees? The name “Boomer” is actually neat, but the internet has been dragging it through the mud lately so that’s out. Even elders, which is meant to […]

Should I Buy CBD From A Gas Station?

If you’ve been anywhere outside in the past year, you’ve most definitely seen a “CBD SOLD HERE!” sign in a place where you wouldn’t expect to see such a thing. Gas stations, grocery stores, cafes, etc… I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t this a good thing? CBD is now available everywhere!” And my answer is, […]

CBD VS. Marijuana

CBD Cannabidiol (also known as our good ol’ friend, CBD) is gaining lots of attention around the world due to its many benefits like the ability to naturally promote a healthy response for various body types. With that attraction comes an onslaught of questions such as; Is CBD weed? Will CBD get you high? What’s […]

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