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Emily’s Super Dope and Amazingly Quick Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipe

This recipe requires minimal ingredients and takes FIVE minutes. That’s right, FIVE DARN MINUTES. WOO. It’s perfect for snowy days spent inside, or just any regular day when you just want something easy to cozy up to. Makes 2 servings -2 cups almond milk -2 tablespoons Our Remedies Cacao Powder -1 teaspoon vanilla extract -Tiny […]

DIY CBD Infused Energy and Relax Snack Bites

What You Will Need Food Processor Wax or Parchment Paper Ingredients Below Depending On Flavor/Effect Preference Ginger Focus Bites (Ingredients): Our Remedies Isolated CBD Oil – Terpene Enhanced – Ginger Focus Dates Candied ginger Golden Raisins Chia seeds Cashews   Grapefruit Relax Bites (Ingredients): Our Remedies Isolated CBD Oil – Terpene Enhances – Grapefruit Relax  […]

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