Interested In Hemp Farming?

With all the buzz about CBD and hemp in the media and stores, lots of people with a green thumb are wondering if they can get their dirty hands on the roots (pun intended) of this hemp movement that’s sweeping our nation.

Are you in the position to become a hemp farmer but are not sure if it’s a proper suit for your land?

Our Remedies is here to serve all aspects of the hemp industry. Contact us to get in touch with a trusted, knowledgeable consulting agency.

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Farming FAQs

Can You Provide Quality Compliant Genetics

Yes; whether you need regular seeds, feminized seeds, or ready to plant clones, we can help you source what you need.

Does Hemp Grow Well In My Region?

Hemp grows really well in most of the world. We can optimize your location by providing you with genetics that are optimal for your climate and soil conditions.

How Do I Know If My Land Is Suitable For Hemp

As part of the consulting package offered, one of our experts will come personally visit your land to help you assess whether or not farming hemp makes sense for you. This is available exclusively to farms located in New York only at this time.

How Do I Harvest Hemp?

By hand is one method for small scale farms. There is machinery made for hemp harvesting. We can help you source the right equipment for your farm!

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